Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Citizen Planner Academy 2013 – Livable, Healthy & Prosperous Orange County


By Tina Burnett


Have you ever wondered how citizens influence decisions about development, neighborhoods, and public projects?  Local governments like Orange County engage the public through the planning process. 



Citizen Planner Academy is a series of classes designed to educate the public about planning principles, the land development processes in Orange County, and special topics within the planning field.  A primary focus and unifying theme to the classes is sustainability, a concept that encourages consideration of long-term environmental and economic outcomes.  Instructors will present information and use interactive exercises to help participants apply the principles taught during class. 



Transportation is a major issue in our area, and Mobility Planning is being offered this fall at the East Orange Community Center.  Another exciting session this year is Emergency Resource Management…not your typical hurricane preparedness class. Here a UCF professor will teach about the National Incident Management System, a protocol used to coordinate and respond to crisis events from the local to the federal level.  Involvement is not only possible at every stage; it is the only way to ensure that decisions reflect the priorities of communities like East Orange County.




For a complete schedule of classes and to register for Citizen Planner Academy visit, or call Tina Burnett at 407-836-5621.  See you in class!!



Tina Burnett is a Senior Planner with the OC Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division.