Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Hulaween 2016 Lineup: So Good It's Spooky!

By Croix Provence


For most people, the thought of Halloween brings visions of candy, costumes, house parties, and trick or treating in the neighborhood floating through the mind. 


Suwannee regulars aren't most people, though.


For Suwannee regulars, the thought of Hulaween brings visions of candy (bracelets, that is), insane outfits, forest parties, and tricks and treats in Suwannee, FL to be found around every music-pumpinh vision-enchanting color-blasting peace-loving corner. 


This year, from October 28-30 Suwannee Hulaween puts on another weekend of Halloween-spirited madness for festival goers, with quite the lineup! They will also be featuring a kick-off party on Thursday October 27 for those who really want to get Hallo-weird. Check it out:



Bless String Cheese Incident for their three day contribution to musical mayhem. Pack your costumes, your tent, and your best friend, and make plans to head to Suwannee for an unforgettable Halloween experience! Tickets began at $189, but are climbing towards $295; not to mention the fact that you need to buy a camping pass if you plan on rocking out in the swamp all weekend. More information can be found at -- better check it out now! 


Croix Provence, abridged: Singer. Actress. Model. Dork. Snack enthusiast. Freelance writer. Music lover. Comic Con freak. Adrenaline junkie. Short sentence sorcerer. Follow @CroixProvence on Twitter and Instagram, and like Croix Provence on Facebook.