Thursday, July 27, 2017
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Trump Advisor Releases Book On 2016 Posted 5 months 3 weeks ago
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Charter Schools Approved For Avalon Park Posted 7 months 2 weeks ago
Be Santa To A Senior This Holiday Season Posted 8 months 2 hours ago
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Food-borne Illness & 100 Health Code Violations Plague Avalon Park's Bamboo Wok

Watch What You Eat… Or Better Yet, Watch Where You Eat. Our...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Teens Need Our Help to Stay Healthy

Did you know that one in three young women in the U.S. become...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Employees Should Provide Worth To Their Employer. Why Should Artists Be Any Different?

The faster you learn this one thing, the better off you’ll be:...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Are Your Teeth Doing the Talking?

Your smile communicates a great deal about your self-image and how...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Why It's Important To Get Tested

April is STD Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to set the record...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Your Bosses Religious Beliefs Should NOT Interfere With Your Healthcare

Birth control is only a “social issue” if you’ve never had to pay...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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5 Tips - Identifying Termites

From Your Pest Expert: Identifying the Elusive Termite ...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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TCHS Grad Excels In Fitness Industry

TCHS grad Joe Luther recently opened his third Anytime Fitness in...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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5 Tips For Flying With Your Dog


Flying with your dog? Here are five tips to travel safe and...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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