Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Little Joe’s Primose Tattoo Parlor Steps Up For Those In Need

By Ross Purvis


When someone thinks of charitable events and venues to facilitate these events, a tattoo shop would probably register on the low end of that list. For the past four years we’ve tried to change that perception of our industry and its impact on the community. Since 2010, Primrose Tattoo has hosted a toy and food drive event towards the end of the year to help out needy families just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. To date, we have donated over 2000 pounds of food to Second Harvest and hundreds of toys to the foundation Toys for Tots. Unlike previous years, we are splitting this once a year event into two separate food and toy drives.


Working hand in hand with local mason lodge number sixty-nine, we are able to directly donate all food towards Fern Creek elementary, which is right around the corner from the lodge and the Tattoo Studio. The food drive on the 22nd of November is to facilitate meals for struggling families just in time for Thanksgiving and is followed by our toy drive which is held the second week of December. That will help family’s and kids wish-lists during the Christmas holiday season.


Just some of the food the parlor has collected this year.


As owner and Master Mason “little” Joe Adamson said while talking to his clients about the event, “ As a small business owner I’m excited and proud to have events like this that directly impact the neighborhood we work and live in.”


More information on the food and toy drives can be found on the official Facebook page under “Little Joe’s Primrose Tattoo Parlor”.


Ross Purvis- Tattooer and Artist. Has lived in Orlando and surrounding area for 15 years.