Monday, June 25, 2018
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New Florida Poll Shows Trump Up

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The poll was conducted by North Florida based firm Dixie Strategies, and taken yesterday.


By Jacob Engels


Following a Bloomberg Poll showing Donald Trump with a slight lead over Hillary Clinton across the state of Florida, yet another poll signals good news for the Republican nominee.


Dialing out to both landline and cell phones, it surveyed close to 700 voters, with a margin of error of 3.71%. Voter confidence in the poll was at 95%, giving Trump the edge with 45.70% to Clinton's 42.41%.


Only 6.30% of voters remained undecided.


“It appears that momentum in Florida may have shifted to Donald Trump in recent days,” said Brian Graham, Managing Partner of Dixie Strategies.


“Florida is still America’s largest, most diverse, and closely watched battleground state. The difference in this election will be turnout.”


The Dixie Strategies poll also asked voters about our contentious Florida Senate race, where Marco Rubio leads Patrick Murphy 48.64% to 43.02%, with 4.49% undecided.



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