Friday, July 20, 2018
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Orlando's Pulse Shooting Victims Need YOUR Help!

Donate To The Pulse Victims


By Croix Provence


There are a multitude of ways to help out your Orlando family in this very trying time of need.


Many resources can be found here as well as on plenty of other sites, but after volunteering today with The Center for LGBT Support in Central Floida, there are some very specific items that they need donated:


- Gift cards to Walmart, Publix, target, CVS, Walgreens


- VISA gift cards


- Feminine hygiene products


- Baby food/formula


- Paper products


- Coolers (thick plastic ones; no styrofoam, please!)


More information can be found on The Center's website. Even if you only have a package of water or a few bottles of shampoos, perhaps even an old plastic cooler, ever single item helps and will be utilized. The Center is located at 946 N Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803. They can be reached via 407-228-8272. They are open daily from 9am - 9m throughout the week. Volunteers are also gladly accepted during all hours of operation. 


You can also purchase a We Are Orlando shirt here (all proceeds donated to the LGBTQ+ Community Center), or donate to the Pulse Victims GoFundMe here.


Thank you for all for your love and support of this fantastic community during such an upsetting event. The City Beautiful has emerged together, stronger than ever, in the face of hate as a beacon of love, acceptance, and unity. 



Don't just pray for Orlando: be part of the change in Orlando.


Croix Provence, abridged: Singer. Actress. Model. Dork. Snack enthusiast. Freelance writer. Music lover. Comic Con freak. Adrenaline junkie. Short sentence sorcerer. Follow @CroixProvence on Twitter and Instagram, and like Croix Provence on Facebook.