Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Stop Slacking: Get To Vespr In Waterford Lakes

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The holidays are fast approaching and time is going to be our most scarce resource.


By Bridgette Bayley


Instead of waiting in long lines for mediocre brews, why not try something new?


Vespr Coffeebar at Waterford Lakes is worth checking out!


Still in it's early years and in competition with several nearby Starbucks, it is hands down the better choice.


Whether you have to grab-and-go, or have time to sit and relax, put Vespr on your to-do list.


Vespr serves an assortment of craft coffee, organic loose leaf tea, craft beer and wine.


There's something there for everyone all day long. If you're sitting down to relax, get a cappuccino.


If you're on the move and in need of some real caffeine fuel, get the cold brew.


When you come inside, don't be shy.


There are things to see, so walk around! Take a look in the back at the chalk boards.


I love to see what fun messages were left behind or even join the fun, and leave my own playful quote or cartoon.


All of your favorite hipster hits are playing on the speaker at just the right volume to keep you entertained, but not distract you from your work.


The atmosphere is fun and inviting, complete with a talented staff.


Vespr takes the coffeecake!


Bridgette Bayley is an East Orlando resident and grew up in the Central Florida area.