Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Trump's Best Choice For AG Is Hillary's Worst Nightmare

Popular Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is quickly becoming a leading contender for Attorney General of...

  • Posted 1 year ago
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Chris Christie Is Weak On Islam & Wrong For New Hampshire

The Governor would do well to take heed of General Patton’s maxim, “In war the only sure defense is offense...

  • Posted 1 year ago
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Donald Trump Does Not Play The Game, Wins Primetime GOP Debate

The Donald has no filter and refuses to play by the rules of professional candidates.


  • Posted 2 years ago
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Political Musical Chairs - Bondi Poised To Replace Rubio in 2016

Fresh off her convincing re-election as Attorney General, Tampa's Pam Bondi steamrolls Chief Financial...

  • Posted 2 years ago
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Jeff Ashton Must Be Jealous of The Rick Perry Indictment

Political Prosecutions Appear to be More Prevalent than Ever Before in America. Look No Further than our...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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Christie's Bridgegate The Next Watergate?


From the...

  • Posted 3 years ago
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